Are you looking for items that can be matched with a variety of other items, colours and fabrics? If that is the case, you can find some guidance in this blog post.

Blazer: Get a blue-coloured blazer, preferably unconstructed and with a two button buttoning. We have chosen a blue-coloured fabric called Noorvik. Since the twill fabric is entirely made out of wool, it will help to keep you warm during the winter and be able to replace a coat during the spring. The blue colour makes it easy to match with different types of items.

Trouser: The most versatile trouser is chinos, at least if you ask us. You can wear a pair of chinos all year round and they are perfectly matched with both a button down shirt and a cut away. A pair of khaki coloured chinos is without a doubt the best choice.

Shirt: If you are looking for a versatile shirt, you should go for white. We decided to customize ours with a contrast fabric in order to make it a bit more eye-catching. If possible, choose a cut away extreme collar. It fits perfectly together with a jacket and underneath a sweater.

Sweater: Talking about sweaters. A sweater in premium quality is always preferable. We have chosen a blue coloured merino wool v-neck, which we believe can be matched with almost anything.

Shirt: Melilla White – Twill – 100% cotton
Blazer: Noorvik Blue – Twill – 100% wool
Sweater v-neck, blue
Chinos: Doncaster khaki