In today’s blog post we inspire you to a somewhat casual, yet sartorial outfit, perfect to wear to a Friday night party.

The blazer is made out of the new wool fabric – Iditarod. The dark brown colour is broken by a subtle pattern in blue, which makes the entire item even more interesting. We have customized the blazer with patch pockets, which we are seeing a lot of within the world of men’s sartorial fashion these days.

Underneath the blazer we wear a light blue coloured Oxford shirt. Instead of customizing it with a button-down collar, we chose a cut away extreme. That kind of detail makes the whole outfit feel even more sartorial.

If we take a closer look at today’s accessories, we find a lapel pin and a blue paisley patterned handkerchief.

Last but not least, we want to give you one more piece of advice. Wear only one patterned item in your outfit, it will make it instantly more interesting and eye-catching.