In the world of men’s fashion, we often talk about mastering a casual, yet sartorial look. It is often easier said than done, but with the right clothes and accessories we will show you how to achieve this.

We have chosen a navy blue, graphic print shirt, featuring a dobby weave. The collar we have chosen is a classic business collar, which creates just enough space for a great tie knot. Other details worth mentioning are the buttons, made out of the exclusive mother of pearl.

On top of the shirt, we wear a grey blazer with rich texture, thanks to the herringbone weave. Because of the fabrics texture, the whole outfit becomes more casual. The blazer also features a lapel with a classic width.

Accessories are often an underestimated part of an outfit, but certainly not for us! In today’s outfit, the accessories help creating the sartorial part of the outfit. The orange tie brings boldness, whereas the scarf creates a discrete detail. Together they harmonize very well, just like the white handkerchief and the lapel pin.