In today’s blog post we will focus on the wool blazer with peak lapels. It is an item that has seen a tremendous boost in the recent years.

When studying today’s sartorial fashion, we mainly see brown and navy blue versions of the wool blazer. That’s why today we want to inspire you with a green version. It is an easy-to-wear item, which will match perfectly with a pair of blue jeans or light grey wool trousers.

The blazer we have chosen is made of a new wool fabric called Wevok Green. The wool and the herringbone weave make the blazer a perfect item during the cold months, but it can also replace a thin jacket during the spring.

Our green wool blazer is customized with a slim fit and modern peak lapels. Among the details we have chosen to add to this blazer, you will find dark brown buttons, two-button buttoning and a matching brown lining fabric. All in all, we believe this might be a new cornerstone in your wardrobe.

Under the blazer, we find one of our latest releases – the waistcoat. In order to create an interesting depth to the outfit, we have chosen to customize the waistcoat with a contrasting colour. In this case, we chose the dark grey Brussel fabric, which offers the same herringbone weave as the blazer. The buttons of the waistcoat are carefully selected in order to match the blazer.

We combine the green blazer and the dark grey waistcoat with a crisp white, pinpoint, Oxford shirt. Just like the blazer and the waistcoat, the pinpoint Oxford fabric is kind of thick, which makes the shirt harmonize well with the other items of the outfit. Since the blazer is the stand out here, we have chosen not to customize the shirt with any eye-catching details.

But one detail worth mentioning is the modern cut of the collar – which is known as the cut away. The cut away collar has been a common feature within the sartorial fashion scene in recent years.

To top it off, we’ve added a rust-coloured bow tie, a handkerchief and a grey scarf.