Friday! A day full of meetings before relaxing after work. That certainly calls for a great outfit. Earlier this week, we’ve been focusing on relaxed, yet dressed-up outfits. And that’s exactly what we’re aiming for today.

Since it’s Friday and we’re suppose to dress a bit more casual today, we’ve skipped the tie. Instead we’re wearing a grey blazer made out of 100 percent wool. The real beauty of this blazer is the rich detail created by the herringbone weave. We’ve customized the blazer with slim lapels and single buttoning in order to make it a bit more eye-catching.

We’ve also added a waistcoat to the outfit. It’s made out of the same herringbone weave, but customized in a contrasting colour.

We’ve combined the blazer and the waistcoat with a white pinpoint Oxford shirt. The pinpoint makes the weave finer than the usual Oxford shirt, which makes the outfit feel a bit more well-dressed. That’s also why we’ve designed the shirt with a modern cut away collar and a slim lapel.

Thanks to the eye-catching herringbone weave of the blazer and the waistcoat, we’ve chosen to wear a one-coloured handkerchief, which brings focus to the individual garments.