In the previous blog post, we focused on one of the essentials in the wardrobe – the Oxford shirt. Some of you might consider the Oxford fabric to be a bit too relaxed for the office. In today’s blog post, we would like to demonstrate the opposite. With a few customisation, any fabric can be adapted to suit your desired purpose.

Today’s shirt is therefore a French Oxford shirt in white, designed with a classic cut away collar instead of a button down. With these few simple tweaks you have customized a shirt ready to wear, no matter what the occasion.

We have chosen to combine the white French Oxford shirt with a navy blue tie, tied with a large knot for that sartorial feeling.

In today’s outfit, we also wear a modern wool blazer. It comes in a navy color, with a subtle dark red pattern, perfectly matching the scarf. We’ve customized the blazer with peak lapels and double-breasted buttoning to get the sartorial look.

Since it’s quite cold outside, we’ve also chosen to dress in a warm car coat. The length of the coat is something between a trench coat and a regular jacket, which makes it wrinkle free, even when sitting down. The car coats navy colour perfectly matches the other items in this great outfit.