The first week of the New Year is here and we continue to inspire on how to dress sartorially at work. A sartorial outfit should, according to us, work both at the office and the lunch meeting but also for the after work.

The made-to-measure outfit of the day is based on a classic navy blue suit. Perfect for the slightly colder months, like January and February, since the fabric is mostly made out of wool. It has a twill weave that will give a discrete diagonal pattern, which is only visible at close range. A detail for the trained eye.

We have chosen to match the suit with a made-to-measure classic striped shirt in white and navy blue, made of 100 % cotton. As details we have chosen the multifunctional convertible cuff and the business classic collar. To enhance your outfit we are matching it with a pair of dark brown shoes and subtle, nature colored bracelets. With all this, we are ready for that lunch meeting.